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Want to be part

of our team?


Your Interactive Theatre Company.

Join-In! You are part of the cast.

We believe that there is no better way of developing skills and personality than by being an active part of the learning process, this is fundamentally why Interactive theatre is so powerful, and so much fun!


We are proud to have developed an innovation in English Educational Theatre in Southamerica: Join-In!, in which audiences are engaged in the process of creating and performing so they become a crucial part of the final event, as important as the professional players.  We are also excited to have released this option on the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People which is celebrated every year on the 20th March since 2001!


We involve the audience and this encourages an emotional connection to the work, making it more memorable.


As well as learning about subjects and issues through drama by participating, the pupils are also developing other social and interactive skills such as communication, public speaking, negotiation, awareness of themselves and others, teamwork, improved concentration, and self-confidence.  It is also really great for kids to watch their peers in performance, creating an “I can do that!” wavelength, and giving them healthy goals for the future.


We would like to Join you in! because we are convinced of the positive results that theatre brings into our lives, especially for those involved in it actively. Audiences are not bystanders. Artists must encourage an approach that nurtures those who are keen to share the stage with them.


Note:  Tales/ Inc.’s actors are trained to work with young participants, so rest assured that this will become a rich and delightful experience for all.


Tailor - Made

We Adapt! 


Tales/ Inc’s plays are designed and graded according to students’ age, maturity, and interests. Together with Tales/ Inc., you will discover our style of British humour which mirrors your school´s values and reveals our company character as modern, fresh, and different.

Let’s talk about the play you are interested in, and the changes or adaptations you would like to include!


We love Improv! 






Tales/Inc. is a travelling theatre company that creates innovative quality theatre for audiences of all ages. We have specially designed the whole structure of our company to produce hassle-free plays that can reach you wherever you are at very affordable rates! We come to you = safe and convenient.



Small Groups


We choose to work with small groups of students because we wish every child to feel confident enough to participate.

Most importantly we want to make sure that they all understand the language.

Our Fab Resources

Multimedia Functions

Why Multimedia?


We can make our performances even more magical! Video or image projections, music and more!


Whenever you wish to present your students with something new and different, our Multimedia Performances are ideal since they are perfect!: in our multimedia shows, images from child stories and/or videos are projected onto a screen for the actors to interact with. These elements along with songs and props not only make the performance more magical and enjoyable but contribute towards the comprehension of the play. 




"The values we impart to our children today, consciously and unconsciously, will have a major impact on society tomorrow. If we continue to leave the teaching of values to change, we, as a nation, risk losing an integral piece of our culture altogether."  P. Schiller & T. Bryant 


Check out our shows to see some examples of our values-based stories. Our plays will give you lots of material for after show discussions!  


Learn, learn, learn! 


Tales / Inc. will not only provide your students with a thrilling experience but plenty of opportunities for follow-up activities because at the heart of Tales /Inc. there is the Learning Programme that encourages creative development.


Depending on the show, schools and organizations booking us can benefit from teacher resource packs, a range of educational or artistic workshops in a number of disciplines and after-show games and discussions. We will utilize the power of theatre to open discussion.  


After show Games & Discussions


If notified at time of booking, we can arrange for cast members to do:


  • Q & A session: Many teachers find this of educational value.

  • Discussion sessions: Teachers, performers, and students will speak about the story they’ve just worked on. They will reflect upon its characters, the meaning of the story, background, and consequence of their actions.

  • Games: Our Actors can provide a range of fun and easy games to give the performance a fun closure! 



Our Resources
Smal Groups
Who we are

 Who we are



We are a travelling theatre company that offer high-quality innovative theatre experiences in English as a means of educating, challenging and inspiring adults and children of all ages. 


Our energy and our relationship with students and teachers are built on that premise. This is why we take special pride in getting to know our clients and audiences, so we can build unique relationships to offer you the personalized shows or workshops that will best suit your school or organization.

Meet the team

We are a group of professional actors, teachers, theatre directors and creative artists. Everyone is committed to the idea of making live-theatre truly magical, so everyone can feel they are seeing and participating in a unique happening. 

Maria Ines Alonso


Artistic Director / Actor

ines 12.jpg


María Inés began her professional career working for Bottom Tap’s Anibal Pachano at Teatro Luna Park. She was soon commissioned to work as a teacher & choreographer in Spain for U.k. production shows. Later relocated to London, she continued performing throughout Europe & Asia as a singer, dancer, and choreographer and street danced throughout England sponsored by the British Arts Council. She was blessed to perform at some of the most important dance stages in London: Saddler’s Wells Theatre, Stratford House and The Place dance center.

Ms. Alonso trained in London as an actress and completed the Actors’ studio program with theatre director, Petina Hapgood. 


Since she returned to Argentina in 2007 she appeared on several TV commercials, feature films & different musical theatre productions both in English & Spanish. Apart from being the artistic director of Tales Inc, she dedicates a large amount of time to her acting, teaching and choreographer career (Jazz and heart-stopping hip-hop in a fusion of funk, jazz, and Latin moves).


Tales Inc.'s  Founder.

Inés is a graduate from Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina majoring with honors in Business Administration. She always knew that creating her own theatre company would be a dream since she would be able to combine her passion for the arts, her management skills and her particular vision of entertainment.  That is why she decided, while living in London, to postgraduate in Arts Administration. She worked for " The Phantom of the opera" " The full monty" " Cliff, the musical" "The Royal Opera House", studied costume, scenery design & make-up special effects and worked as a production assistant for Bill Kenwright Ltd and Take Flight Management (casting services). In Argentina, She was the production assistant for an important children theatre production co.  

Our Vision


Tales /Inc. seeks to become an international example of excellence in theatre.

We will reach our goal by establishing a close relationship with our audiences and achieving an excellent quality of work.

Our Mission


Tales/ Inc. aims to create high-quality innovative theatre experiences as a means of educating, challenging and inspiring the modern children and adults of all ages.

Why Not! Here are a few clients that already have!

Colegio BETH, ORT Schools, Colegio Aequalis, Colegio San Martin de Tours (girls), Leeds School of English, Colegio del Arce, Colegio Scholem Aleijem, CECIE 2, CECIE 9, CECIE 6, CECIE 4, CECIE 19, CECIE 22, CECIE 17, CECIE 24, Buenos Aires School, Escuela Konrod Lorenz, Colegio San Carlos Dialogos, Colegio Euskal Echea, Colegio Armenio de Vicente Lopez, Escuela Argentina Modelo, Colegio San Jose (once), Escuela N 20 de 2, Colegio Saint Exupery, Instituto Privado Marie Manoogian, Colegio Armenio Arzruni, Colegio Ingles, Colegio Latinoamericano, Liceo San Juan Bautista, Colegio Saint Lukes (North, Colegio Armenio de Vicente Lope, Instituto Edcuacional Fatima, Instituto Orsino, Colegio de la Misericordia (Barrio norte), Colegio San Luis, Colegio Eccleston, Colegio Nueva Expresion, Instituto Mayflower, International House, Colegio Jesus Maria, Colegio Almafuerte, Colegio Los Roble, Instituto English Workshop, Colegio Belgrano Uno, Instituto Treasure Land, Colegio San Marcos, Colegio Sagrado Corazon Lomas de Zamora, Colegio San Pedro Nolasco, Colegio Santa Teresa de Jesus, Colegio del Sol, San Isidro Delta School, Farmingdale School and many more! 

 Booking Info

Bookin Info

How to Book


We will make your experience with Tales/Inc. easy and hassle-free, with more options, clear procedures and more fun!

  • Free tickets are available for escorts, teachers and heads!

  • Qualify to enter our prize draws for more free tickets and shows, ask us how!


1- Call us on +54 9 11 36 950902/  to talk to our artistic team directly about your particular show requirements.

 2- Email us at


Our artistic team will promptly contact you to discuss your best options on shows/workshops & our sales department will advise you of available dates.


It is very important to get to know each other very well. Your consultation begins on the phone or we will happily visit in person to discuss all the details!   


3- We will then email you a booking form, which you must return to confirm your booking.

Important! This mail will also include your pre-show checklist.



For some of our shows, we will need to contact your technical department. Please make sure you write on your booking form the name of the person we will liaise with.





We are hiring

 We are hiring!

We are expanding our team and are looking to recruit:

  • Actors from 18 + with an excellent English level

  • Technicians & Stage Hands

  • Sales Representatives 

  • Production assistants

  • Writers and designers


 Interested?  Please email us on

Tales / Inc. Theatre is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

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