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What is Interactive Theatre?

Interactive theatre is a theatrical form of work that breaks the “fourth wall” that traditionally separates the performer from the audience, involving them in more active roles.
The audience may be asked to hold props, supply performance suggestions, become characters in the performance or even participate in altering the course of the play altogether by taking part in a collective vote to help steer the plot in a new direction.
In some of our therapeutic and educational plays, the audience is invited to discuss pertinent issues with the performers.

Your Interactive Theatre Company.

Join-In! You are part of the cast.


We believe that there is no better way of developing skills and personality than by being an active part of the learning process, this is fundamentally why Interactive theatre is so powerful, and so much fun!


We are proud to have developed an innovation in English Educational Theatre in Southamerica: Join-In!, in which audiences are engaged in the process of creating and performing so they become a crucial part of the final event, as important as the professional players.  We involve the audience and this encourages an emotional connection to the work, making it more memorable.


By participating, the pupils are also developing other social and interactive skills such as communication, public speaking, negotiation, awareness of themselves and others, teamwork, improved concentration, and self-confidence.  It is also really great for kids to watch their peers in performance, creating an “I can do that!” wavelength, and giving them healthy goals for the future.


Note:  Tales/ Inc.’s actors are trained to work with young participants, so rest assured that this will become a rich and delightful experience for all.

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