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There once was a small green chameleon that wished to be handsome like a flamingo, smart like a fox, and funny like a seal. But with each transformation in size, shape, and colour, the chameleon learns that maybe being yourself is best of all!


Mixed-Up Chameleon

 is sure to delight our audience with its interactive art, funny antics, and heartwarming message.


This MULTIMEDIA SHOW is perfect for the little ones!

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Mixed-Up Chameleon


(For kinder and Grade 1 students. You can also include grade 2 students, depending on the characteristics of the group)


In this session, we watch some videos, then tell the tale with the help of colours and lots of physicality reinforcing and anchoring afterwards with post-show activities.

Cartoon Fox
Cartoon Wolf
Cartoon Pig
Cartoon Crocodile
Cartoon Animal
Cartoon Bear

Listen to my Song!

I am a Chameleon - Tales / Inc.
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