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Top superheroes

In this interactive superhero show,

we will take you on a journey to the world of

computers and virtual reality

amidst very original scenery, costumes & videos

Who wants to be a Superhero?
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Show Description: British Comedy / Multimedia / Musical. Interactive Show

Cast: A One-Woman Show with Join-in guests!:
The Commander, The Supertechnician, Hard to Drive,
Gaucho Man, Tigergirl and many more
In order to produce this play, Tales / Inc. has collaborated with international artists residing in London, New York as well as in Buenos Aires.
  • Running time: 60 minutes. 
  • Age Group: Primary school students.
  • English level: We can adapt the show level according to your students´ needs.
  • Interactive theatre: Join - in!  Two teachers and three students are part of the cast.
  • Set: Original Scenery With A Superhero Vibe!
VALUES: The play focuses on many values, but in this case, we want to stress the main one: Teamwork, since our heroine will have to learn this powerful principle in order to succeed in her mission.
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