In this interactive superhero show,

we will take you on a journey to the world of

computers and virtual reality

amidst very original scenery, costumes & videos

Who wants to be a Superhero?

Show Description: British Comedy / Multimedia / Musical. Interactive Show

Age Groups: 8-13 

Cast: A one-woman show with Join-in guests!:
The Commander, The Supertechnician, Hard to Drive,
Gaucho Man, Tiger Girl and many more native guests
projected onto a screen.
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The Superhero Application Form Rap - Tales / Inc.
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The Superhero Application Form Rap



First question: Superhero Name

If I were you I would ask the same.

Well... I don’t know, but let’s keep the flow...

I eat fettuccine, panini and linguini,

And I have no problem to wear a bikini.



Next question: Date of Birth

You wanna know my age? Well...

I was born during the day, or was it dark,

or was it grey?

It was some time ago,

I must tell you so you know.

Next question: Superpower. Super what?

Give me a break, I can super rap like drake


Next one, Catchphrase. Enough!



Superhero problem:

I was at the magician's house doing my chores

When something attacked me and I don't know what it was

The Abominable Shadow was the one

That stole the Microchip, hid and run!


- Am I in or what?

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