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Once upon a time, we had a dream of creating a show that really engaged teenagers.

We never thought that dream would become reality and grow to become the great success it is today! We have run five consecutive seasons and toured internationally!



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By Agatha Christie
Adaptation by Tales / Inc.
The ABC Cast
Miriam Bogossian

Marie Manoogian.

English Coordinator


"La propuesta es muy atrayente para los estudiantes, especialmente para los adolescentes que se encuentran en una edad muy dificil de complacer. Interaccion, los invitan a participar, utilizan multimedia logrando la atencion de los chicos, Son my divertidos y saben manejar muy bien a la audiencia y para finalizar tienen un manejo excelente del idioma. "

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Dead Body
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The ABC Murders" is a story based on a murder mystery novel of the same name by famous English author Agatha Christie.


The story is a mystery thriller about a criminal who is killing people seemingly at random all across England.

The first letters of the victims´ surnames and the town they live in are in fact in alphabetical order.

Charlotte Tiger (Inspector) has been left clues by the killer in the form of the ABC train guide and a letter informing where the next murder will take place.  


The Inspector journeys all across the country to each city where the next murder is to take place in an attempt to stop and apprehend the villain.

Together with the Inspector, the students will discover and reveal the identity of the killer.

The ABC Murders by Tales / Inc.
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Photo and  Video Gallery
Why multimdia abc_
The Abc Murders is back!

This show has our ¨Join-in!¨ option, in which 8 students (or teachers) can form part of the cast.

As part of this elaborate multimedia
¨Join-in!¨ tale, the actor interacts with specially edited video segments, placing everybody in the middle of the story.

For secondary students, it is a lot of fun and there is plenty of opportunity inside to interact with the story as it progresses.

High levels of improvisation are required of the actor to assure that everyone (everyone?) Yes! everyone is involved and complicit with the actor and the gags.


Elizabeth Barnard

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Lady Clarke

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Donald Fraser

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Mary Drower

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Miss Grey

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Franklin Clarke

Students' feedback

What we like the most about the play was the interaction between the audience and the actors, which gave everyone the opportunity to be part of the story and find out who the ABC Murder was. We personally enjoyed the experience a lot and we definitely recommend it.

We hope we can repeat it next year so we can feel like real actors again

Martina. Senior II. Eccleston School.

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