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Speech Bubble A+

Written and adapted by Miah


to this feedback!

(Warning: The audio may contain several hiccups)

Illustrated Princess

Our incredible One-Woman show accompanied by an amazing Cast of students!


The Queen, hungry for beauty and power, will embark on a spiritual journey thanks to the help of wise Snow White and the Dwarfs.  Luckily, she will finally understand that the real treasure is her inner beauty. The dwarfs will help her along that path.


Snow White. The Poster


  • ​Running time: Up to 50 min depending on age. 

  • Age range: Suitable for everyone,

       but perfect for ages 6 - 11.

  • Interactive theatre: Join- in! The students will play the following parts: The Huntsman, The Footman, The Dwarfs, the three princes and many more! (Improvised parts!) 


Explaining Join-in!  


  • Set, costumes and oversized props.


  • 1 Actor, a big cast of students, and side-splitting songs!


  • Pre and post-show activities.

  • English level: Our experienced actors will adapt the show level according to your students’ needs.


A story
with many unexpected turns
with Tales Inc.’s comedic twist.​


Some of the values this story is based are:

Acceptance, Integrity, Kindness, Altruism, Inner beauty, Bravery, Compassion, Courtesy, Friendship, Goodness, Greatness, Growth, Happiness, Independence, Intuitive, Knowledge, Peace, Power, Purpose, Alertness, Respect, Serenity, Spirituality, Understanding.



Tales / Inc. has successfully adapted the classic story

to an original fractured tale that contemplates

the values that we all love to live by.

We apologize for the inconveniences but in order to preserve the good health of our audience during the COVID pandemic, we have asked SNEEZY to stay in the cottage and follow a strict quarantine

Because Tales Inc. always strives to innovate and adapt to the times, we have decided to start working on the adaptation of one of our Classics, now called:


. .

For those who have asked how is Sneezy doing... Yes!! He is fine! PHEW!! What a relief!


Luckily, it’s only one of his typical allergies, but still, he is at home resting, watching Netflix, and eating healthy antiallergenic food!


Book your Show (and Stay Safe) Now! 😎🤣



are part

of the cast.

Mr. Footman announces the three princes. "Please, keep your composure, sir!"

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Illustrated Princess

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