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Adapted version for students aged 15 & Up

Strangers On A Train

The Perfect Psychological Thriller


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by Patricia Highsmith

Adapted by filmmaker A. Hitchcock

Theatre version by Tales / Inc.

Directed by Mariana Hannono

Two strangers meet on a train and, from that moment on, their lives will never be the same. One of them suggests that they should "exchange" murders and that way neither will be caught. 


Adapted by Tales / Inc.

Two talented actors, highly experienced in teaching and interactive theatre, come together to create this original and laid-back adaptation of Patricia’s Highsmith masterpiece, in which your students will be part of the cast in a very spontaneous way.


The show begins as a storytelling session but, gradually, the actors, by using casual props, students’ interventions and modern drama techniques, will create a very original and dynamic show ideal for teenagers and adults.

(Note: The story has been adapted to suit a teenager audience)


We will take breaks in key moments to analyze, alongside the students, the possible courses of action the characters in the play should take.


Optional: A role-play activity with the students at the end of the performance (Photo Gallery).

(A great way to learn English through Improv acting)

Photo Novel

Two strangers meet on a train.

Bruno made a deal

Bruno leaves convinced they made a deal

Bruno Harasses paul... 


  • Adapted version for teenagers 15 & Up and Adults

  • Running time: up to 50 minutes.

  • Age range: Secondary school students aged

     15 & up + Adults. 

  • English level: Our experienced actors will adapt   

     the show level to your students’ needs.

  • Interactive theatre: Join- in! Your students

     are part of the cast in a relaxed way.

Explaining Join-in!

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Strangers gallery

Photo Gallery

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