The Coo Coo Cook

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A Musical Show


Madame Mamoche is a top chef!  Madame Mamoche is the best cook in the world! Madame Mamoche is French!


Madame Mamoche has been given one-lifetime opportunity to show her talent to the world in her upcoming Premium-time TV cooking show. It seems she has everything to succeed except for one tiny detail: her assistant Pipette has gone missing five minutes before going on air!


She needs to get a new assistant no matter what! That ´s why she has no choice but to hire and trust the first candidate that comes along … a problem arises when it becomes evident that the assistant has no idea what she is doing!  Instead of helping her, she will become her

 “ ruin”.


A series of hilarious events and misunderstandings will turn the world of cookery into big fun for the children.


Tales/Inc.  has the pleasure to invite you to Matilda’s birthday party… there will be music, a big cake, lots of presents, and a big remote control that will transport us to a magical and hilarious TV cooking show.


  • Running time: up to 60 min depending on age. 

  • Age range: Suitable for everyone, but perfect for ages 3- 8.

  • Join- in! A teacher is part of the cast! (Hassle-free, of course!) 

  • English Level: Our experienced actors will adapt the show level according to your students’ needs.

Listen to one of our songs!

"Madame Mamoche, I can help you!"



Some of the values this story is based are: 

Commitment, Dignity, Honesty, Responsibility, Achievement, Challenge, Determination, Decisiveness, Leadership, Teamwork, Connection, Communication, Kindness, Knowledge, Learning, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Organization, Motivation.

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Gracias por venir!

" Fue muy lindo haberlos tenido con nosotros con The Coo Coo Cook.

Los chicos disfrutaron muchisimo, sobre todo por haberlos hecho participar.

Rosana Crespo. Instituto San Luis. English Coordinator 

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