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the little prince planet characters as small icons in black and white with not many detail

The Little Prince

In Search of the Stars

The little prince, in search of the star
the little prince planet characters as small icons in black and white with not many detail

Story Plot  


This is the story of a little prince who one day leaves his small planet and his true love, Rosy, in search of answers.

The narrator, an airplane pilot, crashes in the Sahara desert. While still reeling from the crash, a serious-looking little blonde boy approaches and asks her to draw a sheep. Once she does, they become friends.


The little prince shares tales of his home and reveals that en route to Planet Earth, he gave his four stars to adults that needed light in their lives.


The mission becomes clear when the prince worries Rosy might feel abandoned and unloved. Since she is ephemeral, her survival is at stake without him. Upset, the prince gets comfort from the narrator, a skilled pilot, who proposes a daring plan: She'll soar into the cosmos to retrieve the stars the prince bestowed upon others and return them to Rosy, confirming the depth of his love. Meanwhile, the prince remains on Earth with his new companion, a tamed fox, awaiting their return.

During her quest, the pilot meets The King, The Vain Man, The Businessman, and The Geographer. Isolated on their own planets, self-absorved in their duties, their oddities both amuse and trouble the pilot. Will the aviator be able to get the 4 stars back? Will she find her way to Rosy?  Let's stay tuned! 

Show Story

In 2019, COVID-19 hit, and all kids and teachers were forced to stay at home and shift to online learning. Theatre companies had to shut down, and we all found ourselves navigating this challenging process together. Our team wanted to send a gift and express our love to our audiences, so we prepared a special online show, available for free. Our actress collaborated with great professionals to produce this adaptation of the play. It was a unique and heartwarming experience, and such a success! Now, four years later, in response to our audience's requests, we are making a comeback! But this time, we're offering the show in person.  Watch the backstage pictures below!

the little prince planet characters as small icons in black and white with not many detail
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 Show Fact Sheet

  • A Puppet musical show. 

  • Running Time: 50 minutes.

  • Educational Engagement: Engaging pre- and post-show activities designed for learning and fun.

  • Age Range: Suitable for children aged 5 to 11 years.

  • English Level: Available in two versions, tailored to suit your students' age and interests.

  • Interactive Theatre Experience: Your students won't just watch; they'll join in! They become a spontaneous part of the cast, with ample opportunities to interact with the unfolding story.

  • Story Adaptation by: Maria Ines Alonso

  • Director for Screen Version: Ercilia Alonso

  • Theatre Version Direction and Production Coordination by: Leandro Altamore

  • Set Design: Features very original puppets and props.

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