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the little prince in search of the stars

Plot:  This is the story of a little prince who, one day, leaves his small planet and his true love (the rose), in search for answers. 


The narrator, an airplane pilot, crashes in the Sahara desert with her airplane.  While she is still stressed out because of the crash, a serious-looking little blond boy approaches her and asks her to draw a sheep for him.  After the pilot sketches the sheep, the two of them become friends.  


The little prince tells the pilot that he comes from a small planet that has three volcanoes, a baobab, a rose (her name is Rosy: a beautiful rose, but she talks oh, so much!) and four stars.


Then, the prince explains that on the way down to Planet Earth, he gave his four stars to four grown-ups that needed light in their lives.


When the pilot explains to him that flowers are ephemeral, the prince determines to reunite with his rose and to accept the offer of a snake that has promised:   “to help”.  Alarmed, the pilot offers to rescue Rosy herself. 


The prince will wait on Planet Earth accompanied by a new friend: his tamed fox. 


As part of her mission, the pilot will need to get back the four stars that the prince has given away and show them to Rosy to prove that she is the little prince’s friend.


During the pilot’s journey to rescue Rosy, she meets a king, a vain man, a businessman, and a geographer.  All of these characters live alone on their planets and are completely absorbed in their occupations.  Their peculiar behaviour both amuses and upsets the pilot. 


Finally, the pilot rescues Rosy and they both return to Planet Earth where they meet the little prince and live happily ever after!

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The little prince, in search of the star
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