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English Classes

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Spanish Lessons

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Learn, Learn, Learn ! 


A visit inside with Tales inc. will not only provide you with a thrilling experience but plenty of opportunities for inventive educational activities.

At the heart of Tales inc. there is an educational programme that embraces Drama as a top training method for learning fresh, authentic, and fluent English as a foreign language. Also, students build confidence, improve concentration and cooperation, develop emotional intelligence and learn how to understand the world around them.​


Our 2021 Learning Programme offers                       



(For detailed info click on each image below)

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Coming soon!
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Training Programes
Let your ideas flow with the Arts.







Module 1- Drama Resources 

Drama techniques for teachers to develop within pedagogical contexts to enhance the students' learning outcome. 

You can join this Module on April 13th / 6-8 Pm


Module 2- Devising Theatre

A British Top trend in collaborative theatre that will inspire your students to explore collectively the curriculum material

in an original way.

ou can join this Module on April 20th / 6-8 Pm


Module 3- Interactive theatre

Turn your class into a theatre play: learn this powerful and high-impact technique to involve your “audience” in your class, encouraging an emotional connection to the work, making it more memorable.

ou can join this Module on April 27th /  6-8 Pm


Module 4: Staging a show

Generate guidelines to edit, rework and explore stimulus and staging process through rehearsal exploration.


Acquire approaches to stage the final performance.

ou can join this Module on May 4th/ 6-8 Pm


No previous experience necessary, this workshop is suitable for all.

Suitable for socially distanced learning from home.


For more info, please click here / Our Whatsapp: +54 9 11 5569-3036

Who are the teachers?

The teachers are Magister Carolina Echeverria and Lic. M. Inés Alonso. They are both qualified actresses and experienced drama facilitators, as well.  To get to know them more, click here

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This creative teaching programme will provide you with innovative strategies to create effective learning experiences in your classroom and online.


This holistic approach will engage your students by placing them in the centre of the learning process. 

E- Drama Lab      Get your English closer with our E- Drama Lab.              

Practice Your English With No Drama!

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The training format aims at:

 - Increasing students’ vocabulary (words, verbs, idioms and expressions 


- Enhancing the participants’ communicational skills by promoting confidence, creativity, reaction and spontaneity in conversations.

- Special emphasis is placed on building self-confidence,  imagination, developing social skills, as well as guiding our students towards exploring different aspects of themselves.

Course Content: We will play drama games, read and rehearse different scenes, guessing activities, associations,    pantomimes, and role-plays. 


 Who Can Enroll

 - It is suitable for people who can speak English already but feel the need to boost their fluency, consolidate their knowledge of the grammar and get their English closer.  

 - Theatre lovers and actors who want to train their art in English.

No previous experience in drama is necessary, this workshop is suitable for all.

Suitable for socially distanced learning from home.


To find out more about our course, and to assess which level will suit you best, click here or you can send us a Whatsapp: +54 9 11 5569-3036


We can assure you that the nature of these theatre practices will encourage you, in a natural way, to practice your English with confidence no matter how uncertain you may have felt about the language.

Who are the teachers?

The teachers are Magister Carolina Echeverria and Lic. M. Inés Alonso. They are both qualified actresses and experienced drama facilitators, as well.  To get to know them more, click here

The E- Drama Lab
Reinforce Workhops

Theme based Workshops 

Practice your English with no drama! Part II

The Theatre World joins you to reinforce class content in a fun and engaging way.

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In this online class for ages 5-13, our actors will help your students review content and reconnect with the material previously covered, through different drama techniques.  


From games to improv scenes based on your lesson content, we will be also able to assess your students' knowledge.  

This is a live, small group online class - available on any device, and anywhere like the comfort of home!

Coming soon!

For further details and to enroll contact us at

Who are the teachers?

Maria Ines Alonso


Artistic Director / Actor

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María Inés began her professional career working for Bottom Tap’s Anibal Pachano at Teatro Luna Park. She was soon commissioned to work as a teacher & choreographer in Spain for U.k. production shows. Later relocated to London, she continued performing throughout Europe & Asia as a singer, dancer, and choreographer and street danced throughout England sponsored by the British Arts Council. She was blessed to perform at some of the most important dance stages in London: Saddler’s Wells Theatre, Stratford House, and The Place dance center.

Ms. Alonso trained in London as an actress with Petina Hapgood and completed the Actors’ studio program.


Since she returned to Argentina in 2007 she appeared on several TV commercials, feature films & different musical theatre productions both in English & Spanish.


Apart from being the artistic director of Tales Inc, she dedicates a large amount of time to her acting, teaching, and choreographer career (Jazz and heart-stopping hip-hop in a fusion of funk, jazz, and Latin moves).


Tales Inc.'s  Founder.

Inés is a graduate from Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina majoring with honors in Business Administration. She always knew that creating her own theatre company would be a dream since she would be able to combine her passion for the arts, her management skills, and her particular vision of entertainment.  That is why she decided, while living in London, to postgraduate in Arts Administration. She worked for " The Phantom of the Opera" " The Full Monty" " Cliff, the Musical" "The Royal Opera House", studied costume, scenery design & make-up special effects and worked as a production assistant for Bill Kenwright Ltd and Take Flight Management (casting services). In Argentina, She was the production assistant for an important children's theatre production co.  

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